Professional air conditioning, ventilation and extraction cleaning.

With increased legislation and enforcement of Health and Safety Law, air conditioning/ventilation systems are not something to ignore any longer. Effective Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning is essential.

The effects of a neglected air conditioning/ventilation system can often result in what is described as “Sick Building Syndrome”. The effect on the health of staff and the associated costs of absence of staff members can be a major drain on any business. Below you will find two links which relate to “Sick Building Syndrome”

Maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioning/ventilation system will not only ensure that you meet all Health and Safety and insurance requirements, it will also show your staff that your business takes Health & Safety seriously.

We believe that employees see an improved working environment as an investment in their wellbeing, these improvements can result in reduced levels of absence.


How We Can Help

  • Free No Obligation Quotation We can either provide a quotation from supplied drawings or electronic copies or arrange for a site visit in order to look at the ventilation system (s). We would then report back on our findings and recommendation.
  • Flexible Working HoursWe work at a time to suit you so this does not disrupt the running of your business
  • Pre Clean DocumentationWe will arrange for our health & safety manager to visit site prior to carrying out any work, to assess the working conditions and undertake a Risk Assessment and Method Statement
  • Cleaning ProcessWe would clean the internal surfaces of the ductwork by using a rotary brush and air mover unit
  • Post Clean DocumentationOn completion of the works Aircover will put together a full post clean report with pre & post clean photos and any remedial action required which can be posted and emailed to you.
  • Certificate of CleanlinessThe Ductwork Cleaning Certificate will be issued on completion of the works and can be posted and emailed to you for your Insurance Purposes.
  • Reminder System – We will set up a reminder to contact you when the annual swab sampling falls due so you will not have to worry about when the cleaning is due
  • Queries Should you have any questions or queries which relate to your extraction system then we are hear to help 24/7 

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